Daily Schedule

07:30 AM Open school, receive morning daycare children, set-up play activities.
08:30 AM Outside playtime, receive children.
08:50 AM Bell rings, children prepare to enter classroom.
09:00 AM Bring class inside. Commence morning program.
09:25 AM Individual classroom activity. Snack Table opened.
10:00 AM Snack Table opened.
11:15 AM Music or Craft Time.
11:30 AM Lunch.
12:00 PM Dismiss Half-Day children to parents, Full-Day children to playground.
12:00 PM Set up mats for napping children.
12:30 PM Nap time for napping children.
12:50 PM Afternoon bell rings, children prepare to enter classroom.
01:00 PM Afternoon class begins, story time / new presentation.
01:15 PM Individual work time.
02:30 PM Teacher Group / Assistant Teacher maintenance.
02:45 PM Class clean-up time. / Napping children get up.
03:00 PM Outside play time.
03:30 PM After-School Program activity.
04:15 PM Snack Served. Clean up outside (depending on weather).
05:15 PM Free choice activities inside. Classroom clean-up – prepare for next day.
05:30 PM School closes.